I saw it passing by. It was only a glimpse, a brief glimpse, one of many taxis that I see every single day. But one thing stood out about it. I can't exactly say what, but I remembered it enough, it had left enough imprint in my mind for me to recognize it the next day. Then, I was on my way to the Tube when it zoomed by me. There was no one in it.
No one at all. The driver's seat was empty. I blinked once, hard, but by the time I opened my eyes, it was gone. I shrugged my shoulders, and walked into the underground. I saw it again when I arrived at my destination, exactly the same cab, except there was a driver this time. I must have been mistaken last time.
I saw it a grand total of ten times today. TEN TIMES. Five times, there was no one in it. Five times, there was. One of the times I had a friend with me, and I asked them if they saw a driver in the cab coming by. They looked at me strangely. "There's no cab." I shrugged. It was gone by then, so I couldn't press the matter. "I must have been mistaken." I didn't see it for more than a second anytime.
This is my last entry, I think. I'm not sure where they've taken me. It's cold in here. It's dark. The cab stopped the last time I saw it, and something opened the door. There was no driver. It took me somewhere.
The door of my cells opening. I don't know where the


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GlasswingButterfly almost 11 years ago

y're taking me.

I didn't have enough time in the last few seconds to finish the sentence. I apologize for my typo in the last sentence.

GlasswingButterfly (joined almost 11 years ago)
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