The building appeared one day with only a white-haired gentleman who could have noticed. He didn't however, because he was too busy unwrapping a chocolate bar on the wooden bench he sat at every Wednesday. So only the wind grew unsettled with the sight of the 2-storied Japanese pagoda that shot into place in the middle of Central Park with only a sleek "pop" to give away it's sneak-up appearance.

Almost immediately, a black cat jumped from an overhanding willow tree into the window framed with yellow lacquer slats of wood. The man continued to peel away at the silver aluminum to uncover his mahogany-brown treat.

"It's almost time" he whispered, without looking up.

"But it should have been time 567 years ago" whined a voice from behind a tree. A girl sat behind it playing a ball, not looking up at the gentleman.

"You know the housetrains never appear on time" said the man cheerfully. He had taken his first bite of chocolate.

"Now, take a piece of this Travel gum and off we go"


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