Deluxe. Platinum. Gold. That is the key to success, she said to the audience, wine glass in hand. Everyone broke our clapping. She smiled, made a short, stunted half-bow and left the stage. She passed through the crowd with elegance and with purpose, deftly sidestepping those stumbling drunkenly about and avoiding any pitfalls into small talk and conversation. They smiled as she passed, vaguely recognizing her, but not exactly sure what her name was. Passing by a waiter, uniform and immaculate amidst it all, she left her wine glass on his tray. It was only a pleasantry, after all. It had never been necessary. None of this had. Only- now she had it. Now she knew what to do, how to reach success. It had seemed blindingly obvious, but really it was only three steps.
A deluxe brand. Platinum in its beauty. And gold in excellence. If she built it up like that- who knew what she might achieve.


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