He read the card quietly as he walked along the Great Wall. "Explore," it said. "Dream," it read. "Discover," it implored.

Well, he'd done all of that. He came to China on a whim with his girlfriend and explored the sites. He went to the Great Wall and to Beijing, to little towns and big cities,. He dreamed with her of starting a family when they saw a woman with her child nestled in her arms, a man walking beside her and holding her close. And he discovered, when she was shot down for the little bit in her purse, that it was a lie. He would never be disappointed by the things he didn't do, because he completely regretted what he had done. He had taken her away from their home, taken her to another country on another continent. He had killed her because of his whims. Now, he would have o go back home. Look her father in the eye, apologize to her mother. He would have to bury the woman he loved more than life itself.

But, he would join her soon.


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