All of a sudden, Mary had transformed. She had gone from a reasonably normal looking human woman to a ferocious tiger. She roared. I roared back. Wait, why did I roar? Oh no! I was a tiger as well. Well, this was unfortunate.

Now that we were both tigers, the argument we had been having moments before about who would do the dishes was rendered meaningless. Tigers can't do dishes, because they don't have thumbs. We were also a bit too large for our kitchen. I pushed past tiger Mary to escape the cramped space. Going down the stairs was challenging with four legs, and opening my front door proved nearly impossible. What I lacked in thumbs, I made up for in brute strength, as I discovered when I smashed the doorknob with my paw, sending it flying away.

I nudged the door open, terrifying my mailman, who had the worst timing in the world. I growled at him. He screamed, and ran. I chased him. I couldn't help it, I was a tiger now. He was running as fast as he could, but I had twice as many legs. He got into his mail delivery van just in time, slamming the door shut behind him. My face collided with his car door. I growled in pain as the mailman sped off, taking my letters with him.


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I feel like this one could go somewhere

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