Water. It's what keeps the world alive. There is more water than land on the Earth. So what would happen if all the water in the world suddenly disappeared? Simple. We'd all die. And that's exactly what happened.

The day all the water disappeared, I was making coffee in my kitchen. I poured some creamer in and stirred. It was raining. But suddenly it stopped. I was a little curious. I walked outside. No puddles, no water in the gutter. Nothing. I went back inside and turned on the faucet. Nothing. I decided to call up my mother and ask if she had the same problem. She did. And she was also watching the news. I turned it on myself and nearly died from the shock of what I saw. All the water in the world was gone. The oceans were empty. The rivers were empty. There was nothing. No clouds. No rain. No snow. Antarctica was a frozen wasteland. The grass and ground were dry. And we were all gonna die. And we all did die. Slowly. I was one of the last ones, spitting into jars and drinking it when needed. Urine, too. When I had it. But we all died. Eventually. That is how the world ended. See how the loss of one natural resource can effect everything? Be nice to the Earth. Without it, we'd all die.


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