Finally I had reached the moment that everyone could only dream of. As I stood in the white room, memories of the past kept going through my head. All the choices I had made to get to this moment; all the things I didn’t do when I could; all the things that led me here. When she walked in, my thoughts ceased. As the angel in white was walking towards me, tears began to fill my eyes with a smile appearing on both of our faces.

“Sorry I took so long to get ready.” Her hair was grey and curled, wrinkles filled her face with the life she had lived; but through the age, she still looked as beautiful as the first day I had met her.

“Ever since the first day I met you, I have been waiting. That will never get old”

I took her hand and we walked into the light.


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Blank Prompt

Freeform prompt. Every Friday, writers face a blank page without any prompt. They write whatever they want in six minutes or less.
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