I turned on my computer, the screen showed me that my picture was unavailable. I pased this as something that happens to me all the time. Then I rememmbered. When you turn on a computer it dosent give you a responcd like this. I turned around and grabed my mouse, then it desapered under my hand. Then the lights went out. Hands with thick leathery gloves on grasped my neek. I screamed but notinh came out. I coundt breath untill it let go. i took a gulp of air and just in the nick of time because after the last whisps of the air entered my mouth I was engulfed in water. It covered me. There where black wals around me but I could feel the water. I took a gulp of water in but only air entered. I wasnt undetr whater. I was somewhere else. I then noticed the headphones over my ears. they where so tight htey hurt, I took them off and my computer returned. it was all fine. But to this day I still havent figured it out.


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