Fuck light, right? Right.

Light just shows what I don't want to share, it takes away my CHOICE. Isn't that abusive or some such touchy-feely bullshit?

"Teacher? Light is taking away my choice!"

Yeah well, "teacher" would just tell me to STFU so...

Thing is...think is I, well, I crave it, yk? I crave it. I crave the light like I crave sugar or coffee (not caffeine - there's a difference).

Damn thing. Always seems to fling a little clarity at exactly what I've hidden so carefully away. I take care with my secrets hide them good. Keep them tidy in a dark corner of my inner basement. Even station a mid-level bogeyman to kep the lids on teh boxes. He eats anything that escapes.

All clear.

All tidy.

Set aside. Set away. Away from me - away from what I need to believe I ammade of.

Funny thing about has a way of finding the cracks, the mistakes, the glaring omissions. And all my monsters are useless...fucking babies.

Wish I didn't crave it. It's going to kill me in the end.

I'm going to let it slip in eventually.


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M.v.Freeman over 9 years ago

This is awesome, the phrase "Wish I didn't crave it. It's going to kill me in the end." Love this.

xesands (joined over 12 years ago)
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