She clicked her camera once more, capturing the images and saving them for all time in the data banks of the portable media device. She absolutely loved this new era. Her collection had grown so expansively since wakening on this plane.
She clicked the device off and placed it, lovingly, in its designated bag and turned her attention to her coffee and bagel. The three men she had just captured milled about, confused. She suppressed a giggle at their momentary befuddlement. Humans always seemed to notice, no matter how many calming spells she wove over them. It was as if they were looking for something but couldn't quite remember that they had lost something.
She quite enjoyed watching them. She quite enjoyed watching all humans, as a matter of fact. Such a fascinating creation! It was a shame she had missed more than five hundred years of their history. It would not do to mull over unpleasant memories, she thought and shook her momentary dark mood from her mind. She was free now, and she was going to enjoy every second of it.
Another group of people wandered by her and she retrieved her special camera from its resting place. She placed the lens to her eye and clicked again, preserving their image and harvesting a piece of soul from each of them. She would make sure she never missed another year of life. Her collection would ensure that she had the power to resist the next repression and continue in this plane. Satisfied, she placed the camera back in its case.


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