Face down on the cold floor of the cathedral, Brother Fidelis whispered his prayers. Though his lips brushed the dust and filth of the stones, his eyes were angled forward, watching the door. Though he lay in front of the altar, he faced away from it.

The flat light of dawn was pushing through the open spaces where the stained glass had been, the thin, watery edge of light creeping slowly across the burned and broken pews. There were no noises yet. The day was not far enough advanced to bring them home. When the clear light rose above the eastern hills, when his masters came back to the cathedral to rest, he would hear them.

His lips moved as he prayed.


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ganymeder about 6 years ago

Ooooooh, nice and dark! I didn't see where that one was going at first!

TonyNoland (joined almost 11 years ago)
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