Slowly it built, piece by piece. The atoms of its essence compiling line after line, upwards and outwards, exploding into space and time. The building of matter was not easy, but in a sense it was simple. All of it part of a natural system, as light and effortless as the wind around it. Should an ant ever wonder at the workings of its colony, or more likely would it continue on with its pattern. As the structure came together slowly, so did other things. More complicated pieces, wonders ontop of wonders. The chains of DNA and ribonucleotides weaving synonymously in harmony around each other, one after another. The path had been laid, but the beginning was the crux. An explosion of white hot heat, so intense that it left the imprint of it forever buried deep within its creation. The awe inspiring work of creation was unfolding gradually before them. To most it would seem a slower process. A calmer acceptance of a new life. To the creator it was too fast, just fast enough. Later they would look down, their gaze distorted and narrowed through the glaze of time. Too quickly it was indeed.


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