The lights fled all over the world; it seemed as if the whole was stars. Everything blended into the night. All people could was stare admire beauty beyond imagination. The night didn't seem like the night; it looked something else. Something different. Blues were covering uo the black. Black was covering up the blue. But everyone didn't notice, because beauty is all they could see. A lady stood in the balcony, which would be one of her only moments alone looking at the beauty. All she could do was, and admire she did. Her eyes seemded glow in astonishment, but her body stayed black. All the lights somehow pointed at her, even the shades directed them up. The moment to her seemed to last a little that it actually was, due to her mind. The moment wouldn't come again. Beauty can been seen at any moment, but it is best seen alone. Crowds started to flow in like air. And the mment wasn'


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