I had always wanted to win. Something, I dunno; life, a contest, sports day. I craved to see my luminous ego reflected in stainless steel, with others around me cheering me on.
Not today though.
Today, I looked into the trophy, but didn't see my reflection, didn't see the holy glow of my inner glory.
I thought it weird no-one was acknowledging me, but I guess now it makes sense- I lost.
I lost the minute I thought I could achieve anything, the minute I decided to try for once. The moment I begged and would've sold my soul for the pride and fame of winning.
I'd had tipples of this and that before, for Dutch courage and all that. I lost after drunkenly deciding I'd be fine to drive. The kids that decided to jaywalk lost too, though our losses added up into a catastrophe.
Trophies are empty cups telling you you're worth something. Now, I'm an empty shell wishing those kids could've become something.


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