It had to be the bumblebee parachute. I wanted one with Hello Kitty on it but Al said no. Black and yellow clashed with the sky. That was important.

Good choice, given the photograph above. Man, I thought Lady Liberty's presence was so commanding that she'd always be the focal point. Not true. It's me and Al in our parachutes.

Yep. We landed on Liberty Island and there's a whole throng of well-wishers around us. Someone asks if someone watched that old David Copperfield special where he made the Statue of Liberty disappear. Nuh uh. That was a long time ago, You can probably find it on Youtube.

I ask Al what his favourite thing about the Statue of Liberty is. He says it's David Lee Roth's song Yankee Rose, which is all about her.

We were about to start a picnic when the statue steps off its podium. We're all pretty much aghast as she steps into the water.

"Sorry," she says. "Been standing there an awful long time. Need to cool off my feet."

Wow. For sure. Those are some hot feet because the water starts bubbling. Now it's steaming and now there's no water left at all. The bay is just a bunch of sand and we see dead fish and dead bodies and old automobiles and even an airplane or two. Then giant worms spring out of the muck and start wrapping themselves around Lady Liberty's legs.

"What have I done?" she screams.

"You cooled off," I said.

"What can you do to help?" she yells as she tumbled over.

"Nothing," I say. "I'm Canadian."

Drink some maple syrup. Yummy!


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