I crept silently through then corridor, the occasional creak of the floorboards abruptly halting me in my path.

The hallway was lit up by a dim nightlight, glowing a soft orange hue in the blackness. My shadow flared up the wall as I passed, and slowly shrunk back into the all-engulfing shadows.

A turn of a corner later, and I came face to face with a door. A door, which, when opened, would answer all my questions. I placed my ear to the keyhole, and made my bets attempt to silence my breath, and slow my pounding heart beat, trying to make the voices audible in my head. Seconds passed, and no voices were heard. Suddenly, the realisation rose from my feet and pounce don the brain like a cat with a ball of string... it wasn't I who was listening to them, they were listening... to me.


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