The wind swept through the area, sending a chill through the hearts of all those that were paying respects here, the weather reflected the emotions contained here, it was violent and broken, moaning around like hell was chasing on its heels. Despite the destructive nature, the gale seemed to gather behind me and encourage me towards a path I had walked often, towards the highest part of this graveyard. The thorns dug into my hand harder, a painful reminder of why I was here. The sun had started to retire, casting an eerie golden glow, hitting the headstones in such a way that left the silver inscriptions shining like little stars. I cast my gaze to my destination, the white lone cross on the hill, my eyes hinted at my emotions, beginning to water with memories.

As my knees touched the grass, a shiver ran through me. I felt it in my bones. It felt like a blizzard was embracing me. The stark white cross looming in front of me, reflected the happiness, joy and love that i had experienced all my life but even then was a reminder of the dark lonely future i was now to experience.


It escaped my lips, breaking out to see if i could say hi just one last time. The small impossible hope nestled with me that he would say hi back.

The flowers were dried and old. I touched a petal to watch it crumble away, feeling as if my heart broke with piece by piece.

The flowers were replaced, the bright red roses a symbol of my love. My remeberance.


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