Rain poured down, next to her, the doorway shielding her. She clutched her red gown as she huddled down close to the ground. The tears wouldn't stop flowing. She was terrified. Elsewhere in Beijing, a man was looking through his house. Calling a name, begging for his daughter to come back.

The girl in the red gown knew what he was doing. She was trying not to care. She was not going back. Not after what he did. Was it right, what he did? What she did? She didn't know. Nobody would know. Her phone buzzed in her pocket. She took it out, saw who it was.

The man, voice running ragged. She explained to him what she had done. He was not to come for her.

He understood.

She cried for hours.

So did he.


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Once, in Beijing, a young girl in a red gown huddled in a doorway.
Prompt suggested by Galen


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