She laid there for an hour before moving. The waves had brought her here, and deigned not to take her away again. She had a reason to be here. Why? She rose to her feet, her eight legs working in concert, hydraulics hissing as she brought herself to her full height.

The stars burned into her eyes, their light searing their way into her memory. They were mesmerising, full of wonder, beautiful. She tore her gaze away, and looked at her surroundings. The beach expanded to the horizon. A man perched on a rock nearby. She looked at him. His sorrow radiated off of him like heat. She made his way over, and took his hand in hers. His skin was warm to the touch, a contrast to her carbon nanofibre dermis. She led him to the waves.

She woke up. The man was laying next to her, unmoving. He passed through the waves, to the world beyond.

If only she could do the same.


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