My family is all we have, we're all so tight and we wouldn't leave each other ever. We made a promise that till death do we part. Sunday morning, my favourite day of the week. My family and I go swimming under the reef and through the coral as we feel our gilld glide through the water. It was perfect, there's nothing better than spending time with family in such beautiful areas.

I went off by myself to explore.. In the middle of the water was a piece of bread just randomly in the ocean so I went and bit it and it tasted amazing. But there was a feeling of pain. I could feel a sharp hook grab me by the throat. I scream as loud as i can alerting my family. They swim over as fast as they can trying their beft to set me free. I lose blood slowly, i know im not going to make it but I could feel the strength of my family working together to save me.

"Gerald!" said dad with extreme worry
"We won't leave you, family sticks together".

My family all clinged onto me and we were pulled out of the water together. Together on land together underwater, our family is unbreakable.


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