The bully grabbed me and Billy by the collar. He started dragging us in the direction of what looked like a soccer goal, but had strange metal bars around it. It seemed as if there was already someone in there.

"Get in there, Squirts!" Chase growled. He kicked us in the goal like a soccer ball, except we didn't score him any points.
"So you're here too, I see. What did you do to him?" The strange girl said. "My name is Lara. I didn't give Chase my money when he asked. I should've just given it to him." She put her head down.
"Oh.. um, we walked too slow in front of him. He gets VERY angry sometimes." I said.
"CHASE! LET US OUT! LET, US, OUT!" Billy yelled.
"Billy, what are you doing!!?? You're making it worse!" I said.
"Yo- you- your brother is coming? Th- the one in year 10?" Chase stuttered.
"Yep, and he's gonna be angry." Billy teased.

Chase went pale. Billy's brother was very intimidating.
"Get out! Go, go, Get out!" Chase pulled the cage open and started running. His bully demeanor vanished like a ghost.

Billy broke out into hysterical laughter. "H- he's not even coming!! My brother isn't coming here!" He said in between uncontrollable laughter.
Everyone started laughing as well. Lara seemed to be having fun, not like the shy girl we saw before.
"Do you guys want to go to the cafe? C'mon, lets go!!" I said.
Who knew that the meanest bully in the school could give me some new friends!?


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