I stared up at the stars the beauty overtaking my sight, the bright lights occupied me while I was waiting. For him
I heard the scrape of metal coming from the silver ladder, someone was climbing up. He reached the top the lamp he was holding lighted his face helping me see his cute face.
He said nothing and sat next to me placing the lamp in front of us, following my eyes up to the stars.
This was forbidden, us together in the midnight hour. Us together. If our families found out were would be surely banished. We were supposed to be enemies but why does this love feel so right?
"We could run away," he said his deep voice enchanting me, "we could running away, live with no rules,"
"We can't"
"Please don't do this he pleaded


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Elaine.cabansag over 5 years ago

Plz ignore the punctuation mistakes ran out of time

Elaine.cabansag (joined over 5 years ago)

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