Down by Jade

It was an early morning. Anna was going for a morning run around her block. She was always found doing something worth while. She had always enjoyed looking at books about other countries. She had an infatuation with countries that had different letters to English ones. She came across a book on the ground, with funny, squiggly letters that Anna recognised to be Chinese writing. She flicked through the pages and found something that really interested her. It had birds, letters, photos of females and males and clothes that looked ancient.
She tried to decipher what the writing said over the next few days, but couldn't. She only understood one word, down. It was always in the back of her mind. She wanted to figure out why it said that. One day in the morning, she fell and fell, and fell.


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Jade over 3 years ago

The last word is meant to be 'down'.

Jade (joined almost 4 years ago)

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