I haven’t had any nightmares since my sister was locked up. Now I have it all because I killed him. But it was all a mistake.

The air around me turned into ice. My body felt as though it was weighted by meteorites. I lifted my throbbing head as my eyes trailed around my surroundings: a stone-cold room with fluorescent lights that smelled like sadness. I tried wiggling my hands, only being greeted by a rustle of platinum chains. This does not look like Washington. Where am I? Who would capture me? I did nothing wrong. Not since him.

“Diana Prince.” Footsteps were approaching me as a mysterious voice echoed in the room. “I am Phil Coulson: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D, an agency that stops sinners.”

“Release me!” I seethe as I tried to wiggle my hands out of these chains.

“Diana, I need you, there is a dangerous criminal on the run and you are the only hope,” Coulson replied calmly.

“I am just a normal woman, nothin’ special about me.”

“You were the chosen recruit this year and whether you like it or not, you have to be part of this team.” I could see Coulson’s face clearly. He had piercing blue eyes, chocolate brown hair with light stubble. “While you were passed out I gave you the power of shapeshifting and telekinesis.”

I nodded, being a hero might be a good thing, I can break free from my horrible past. “Give me details of this notorious criminal. You can count on me, Coulson!”

“Very well.” Coulson than released me from the heavy chains allowing my body to move freely. “Have something to eat then get ready for your mission. And don’t ask about getting trained. There are reasons I chose you.”
I zipped-up my black long-sleeved jacket and changed into leggings. Coulson had given me details of Shadow: A male living in New York, around 5’7”, always wears some sort of military clothes.
As I observed the city’s view I could see lights dominating every skyscraper to busy people down the streets rushing to go home.

“Agent Prince, Shadow in Houston Street. Put it on the navigation pad.” Coulson’s voice yelled through the headset interrupting my thoughts.

I jolted up as soon as possible, “Not far from here.” As I rapidly ran down the stairs, I remembered what Coulson taught me. Think about the shape you want to transform. This was my first go. What if I transformed into a shape and I can never go back to my normal form?

“Brain, Can I be a bird?”

Nothing. I needed to focus more. Bird. Then bam, I found myself flapping.

“Woah,” I laughed. It worked!

I got closer to Houston Street and landed near a cardboard box, “Human,” Instantly I found myself wearing a red halter dress.

“I don’t want to go to the Met Gala,” I mumbled, clearly frustrated. “I want to be Agent Prince.”

This time I was back to my original self. Thank God. “Go time!”

I walked to where my navigation pod lead me, “Shadow! Come out.” I called loudly.

“Agent Prince, nice to finally meet you.” A raspy voice filled with malice echoed around me. This is my first mission to impress Coulson yet I’m facing a dangerous criminal.

“Show yourself!” my voice rumbled as people walking past me gave a query look. I clenched my fist tightly, my knuckles blanched as my nails dug inside the flesh.

“If that’s what you want.” The voice came closer. Sounding very familiar. It reminded me of him.

I looked around my surroundings. I couldn't see anyone.

I had to start the fight. I tried my telekinesis for the first time and it worked!

I lifted a bin near me and threw it on the wall earning a big thud. Suddenly sherds of glass came flying towards me. I quickly lifted a bin lid for protection wincing in the progress as some glass tore through my skin.

“Boo.” Shadow’s voice came from behind. I lifted a chunk of the wall beside me. Screams came from behind as I saw people running all directions. This is not the way a hero would act. I put the wall down realising I needed a plan.

I got it! I have to think like Shadow.

“Shadow,” I howled. “I give up.”

There was dead silence, then I could feel a presence nearby.

Quickly, I turned into a box and trapped everything. But as I did, I felt electricity coursing through me. I had to turn back to myself.

“Well, well,” I felt Shadow’s nails dragging across me.
“You will lose!” I groaned very tired. I used my power too much.
“Never.” Shadow declared with a crooked grin. Despicable was all I could see in him.
After that I felt nothing but darkness.

I woke up, one eye slipping open at a time. The effort I took to pry them open made it evident of how long I must have passed out.
“S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters?” I looked around clearly confused at this familiar surrounding. Am I dreaming?
“Prince.” The menacing voice of Shadow came to my presence. “You woke up.”
“You monster! Let me out!” I shericked.
“Miss Prince, this is not how you would speak to my nephew.” A familiar voice filled the room as this person walked up towards me.
I looked up and there standing was The director of S.H.I.E.L.D. The person who told me to find the crazy Shadow. “Coulson. I knew I shouldn't have trusted you.”
“Prince,” Shadow said. So familiar to him. “You’re just weak.” His voice struck me but I refused to give up.
I first questioned Coulson, “Why did you send me to find Shadow when his your nephew?” I looked into his malicious eyes.

Shadow walked up to Coulson, “Uncle, let me handle this.”

Shadow walked up to me and did the last thing I would have thought he would do. He took off his mask. There behind the mask was my ex-boyfriend that I thought I had killed by mistake. The person who’s given me nightmares ever since my sister’s been put in jail. Steve Trevor. “Hello, Diana.”

“I thought you were… dead? Why are you kidnapping me in your Uncle’s workplace?”

“I don’t want you, stupid girl. I want your blood to be immortal.” Steve seeth.

“Why didn't you get it earlier?” I shot back.

“What fun would it be, Prince?” Steve chuckled, his brown eyes lit with flames. “After all, you did stab me before.”

If I really want to be a hero, I needed to be myself. I didn’t need a traitor boss nor revenging boyfriends.

“I may not be as powerful as the two of you, but at least I have a kind heart. I am not making the same mistakes as before. I am no villain. Not and never will be.” My pulse quickened and an immense amount of adrenaline rushed through me as I looked at Steve.

I shapeshift into a hybrid consisting of dragon wings and cheetah legs with my human body. Using my telekinesis I lifted the table near me and threw it at them.

“Let's end this once and for all.”

I could hear lots of footsteps. Were they all on Coulson's side?

I lifted up the walls from each side and trapped Coulson and Steve. Steve tried to use his electrokinetic and make me pass out but not this time. “No way out boys.” My voice echoed inside. Suddenly the moment came so suddenly, the door smashed open and there standing was the police as glass shards flew in every direction.

“Where are the suspects?” A police officer shouted. I transformed back into my old self. “There.” I pointed to Steve who was puffed out from using their power too much and Coulson who was still as a statue.

3 months later…
“Wonder Women!” The crowd cheered.
I put on my brightest smile, “Thank You!” I had just stopped another villain by the name of Spidey Girl from stealing the Statue Of Liberty.

It has been three months since Coulson and Steve have gone back to jail. All agents had insisted me being Director of S.H.I.E.L.D but I declined because I wanted to be a real hero in New York. Now my dream came true.

I left the director spot to my friend Lucy Parker. Every day, I save people. From basic things to big things, such as stopping Thanos from turning everyone to gold. I am better. I am stronger now.
I woke up puffing. Heavy chains weighted down my body. I gave a sinister laugh. My telepathy is working again. Coulson and Steve had failed. My sister, Diana just became Wonder Woman and I need to find another Agent to target her.
“Bellatrix your up.” I can already feel her chilling grin.
Sister Diana, you're never going to be a hero. Not now, not ever. The future is in my hands.


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