Suddenly everything was silent, at the death at night as the moon shined upon me. I stroll through the streets peacefully exploring the beautiful scenery of London as suddenly I hear a loud screech "OOO" there he was high up in the tree looking over me, his face focused aggressively over me as he stares me down from a distance. I freeze as a cold breeze brushes against my skin a sharp shiver runs down my spine in fear. My heart began to bet rapidly as i saw him ready to prounce, i take off bolting at full speed as he glids through the air above me. I turn the corner fast scattering desperatly trying to find a place to hide, to survive. Suddenly i see a house that hasa doggie door my eyes open widely in ecitement as i rapidly chnage direction and sprint towards it, my heart racing fast and i get closer and closer. "BANG" i made it i slowly reach the top of window quitly as i see him peered up l


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Creative Commons Attribution 3.0


Prompt (write a story including these elements)

hero Mouse
villain Owl
goal Survival
Prompt suggested by Tommy-Louise


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