My brother said feet aren't always the problem. He grabbed my arm and said this is sometimes the worst problem. Your arm can get caught in the handles of the safety boat. When it opens and releases, when it pops open, it has some loops that get caught in people arms and hands. They panic and get sucked under water. "How do you know this happens?" "Has it happened to you?"
"no, it hasn't". I've seen videos. I watch many, many videos to prepare myself. The more gruesome the better. I figure I need to prepare for the worst, that's the way to get psychologically prepared. "Sounds traumatizing" Well, being on the water is a risk. It's not the normal place humans hang out, on the water.
"Yes, it is. Humans have been sailing the seas for centuries."
"Always bringing up history sister." "Got it, but it still isn't natural, can we breath under water?"
"No, of course not, but that's why we have boats and floats."
You are scaring me." I don't think you're ready for this trip at all." So, the certifications, the work, doesn't mean I'm ready? Just because I am afraid doesn't mean I am not ready. I know the risks, I just don't want to freak myself out all the time worrying about everything.


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"Feet aren't always the problem," my brother said.
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