"Who are you? No, wait. Where are you?"
"Look up."
"You're in the sky?"
"We are."
"Butterflies. Yes. Does this bother you?"
"To be honest, less than it should."
"We have been watching you. We saw that you were different. We chose you."
"Chose me for what?"
"The time is coming and we are here to warn you. To warn all of you."
"Warn us? What are you, some sort of prophet."
"We are of God, if that is what you mean."
"We bring you a message from the depths of chaos, the heart of God itself."
"God is chaos?"
"Of course. Patterns form in the maelstrom. They form and reform, twist and are made anew. Today they form this message, this world, these forms and you."
"I am a pattern?"
"Everything is a pattern."
"That would explain my Grandmother's house."
"Except that."
"Uh huh. Right. What's this message then?"
"As you know, last Tuesday a great event came to pass..."
"Sorry, I don't think I know what you mean."
"Yes you do. That thing that happened with the bath."
"Oh. That. Right. I thought that was a bit weird. What was that about?"
"The end of time."
"Ah. And the duck?"


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Galen over 11 years ago

HAH! I missed this in the deluge three months ago. Great complexity of material, and the end made me laugh. Well written :)

tom.hamshere (joined almost 12 years ago)
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