...and the walrus said to the jellyfish, "but see, I have tasks, so I can accomplish far more than you can, you spineless twit." And the jellyfish replied back, "that may be true, but I am far more viscous than you will ever be!"
And thus the walrus and the jellyfish commenced forth with their plan of under-sea domination by overthrowing king Neptune with their vast army of rabid seahorses. It was a long battle and many comrades were lost, but in the end, peace and order had been returned to the likes of the ocean.
Until one day when the walrus grew ever so tired of the jellyfish's trickery and hatched a plan to forever exile his to the farthest reaches of the ocean. You see, when the jellyfish would retire that night to the confines of his bed, the walrus would sneak in and bash his tiny little jellyfish skull in with a coral reef. Then THE KINGDOM WOULD BE HIS FOR ALL OF ETERNITY! Or at least until more jellyfish came along and kicked all the walrus's out of the ocean and onto the beach, where they would find a great deal on seaside property.


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