Cold feet. She wore pink shoes under her white gown to match the theme. Pink. Well, Blush and Bashful just like Steel Magnolias - if you asked her, she wouldn't say Pink.

Cold feet. A pink winter wedding was all she wanted; Blush and Bashful were the colors; THE colors she had to have. Muffs on the bridesmaids' hands, all in the light-colored dresses. And roses. Lots and lots and tons and tons of roses. All in pink and white.

Cold feet. She spent the last 7 years with Austin, and this winter wedding was all she ever wanted. But she still had cold feet. Not from the snow anymore, she really was thinking hard about what she was about to do. Austin James' wife, the Governor's wife. A politician's wife. It hardly ever snowed in Northern West Virginia, in fact almost never. Today, she thought, today would be different. She had snow machines on standby just in case. She thought the snow was a sign that this wedding, this marriage was going to be the most perfect, and best thing she, Elisabeth Hart had ever done in here life. But those cold feet...


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NYgirlLovesCA over 12 years ago

Ah, I hate spelling mistakes. *here, should be her, obviously.

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