It had been a long morning. The shouting and screaming had been relentless, as it always is with three children under six. She had spent the hours trying to patch up arguments, mollify sulkers, and generally bring a sense of cheer. Even the thought of their friend's birthday party had not raised a smile at one point. She felt like she was near the point of giving up completely.

The twins eventually seemed to decide that if they got ready they may enjoy the upcoming festivities. By quarter to twelve they were dressed in their finest party outfits and starting to ask when they would be leaving.

Harry was not quite so keen. She talked soothingly to him as she dressed him. She smoothed down his bed hair with a damp comb. She held him tight, all the time hoping that she would be able to let him go.

They arrived at the hall in good time. Children stepped forward cautiously, then with more delight as they noticed friend from pre-school and school. The twins left her side immediately. Harry then noticed his friend Emma at the side of the hall. He headed towards her, without a second glance.

Slowly backing towards the door, in a single act of rebellion, she grabbed one of the many helium-filled balloons as she moved. Through the doorway she gave her phone number to the parents running the party. She edged towards the door. With the sound of happy children, she turned.

As she skipped away from the party hall, she held on to the balloon. Two hours of freedom. She skipped, and laughed, and ran.


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