A bathroom break. A broken TiVo. Who would have thought that in the two minutes that it takes to pee he would have tore the TiVo from the wall and promptly thrown it out the window. On the other hand, there would be no need to rush the bathroom breaks anymore.

A long sigh escaped my mouth as I suddenly realized that she saved me. Saved me from the meaningless drone that is the TV. All those sitcoms, so little value. And yet, I hated her. Hated that I would no longer be able to waste hours watching re-runs of Scrubs or Full House. I'm glad that she left - if she hadn't I would have kicked her out.

Seconds ticked into minutes as I tried to find something to do. Someway to escape from my own thoughts. Maybe I should eat. Chocolate perhaps? Or read a book - I hear that Huck Finn is an interesting guy. Friends? Forget that nonsense.

No, I think I'll go to Best Buy.


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Galen over 14 years ago

Some consumers never grow up :P

The Flash (joined over 14 years ago)

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hero Girl
villain Broken TiVo
goal Potty break
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