"Hello, is this, uh, Mary?"


"Oh, uh, well I saw your ad and I just thought maybe I had what you're looking for."

"What makes you say that?"

"Well, it just that, uh, I've been working out and, uh, I think I have an okay face and, uh. I can be real mean in bed and stuff."

"What's your name, stranger?"

"My name is, uh, John, and, uh, I'm like 6'3'' and muscular and stuff."

"Well, 'John,' if I was to meet you somewhere, would you be interested in a little... action?"

"Uh, yeah! I mean, that's what I was calling about. You, uh, you like it rough?"

"That all depends, 'John,' it depends on if I can trust you. I can trust you right?"

"Oh definitely, uh, when should we meet?"

"How about the city library in 30 minutes?"

"Yeah, uh. I'll be there!"

"Alright, John, I'm looking forward to meeting you. And, John?"


"Bring gas money."


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Prostitution personal ads scam


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hero Mary
villain Craigslist
goal Get a job
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