"Damn it!" She swore under her breath. The room was pitch black and she turned quickly. They were already gone. She twirled a piece of her hair, a nervous tic she picked up as a child.
"It's not funny, guys!" She yelled into the empty hallway. At least, she hoped she was facing in the direction of the hallway. And hopefully it was empty.
"Where are you?" She should have taken a flashlight. She could kick herself for being so stupid. They had been right behind her two minutes ago. She groped down the hallway, trying to find another door.
"Seriously," she yelled again, "You're not being funny."
She felt a doorknob and pushed it open. A glow from a street light well down the road gently illuminated the room but she didn't see anyone so she plunged back into the darkness and continued down the corridor.
"Come on!" She screamed. She heard giggling on the first floor and ran for the stairs. She found the bannister only after stumbling down the first couple of steps. She felt her ankle turn.
"Ouch!" She cried in pain, "You guys, I'm hurt! Could we stop playing this game?"
She lifted herself up with the help of the bannister and hobbled down a couple more steps. She tried some weight on the rolled ankle but it hurt. She could feel it swelling up in her sneakers.
"Please!" She cried. This wasn't funny anymore. Hell, none of it was funny but this especially wasn't. She didn't want to be in here. She sure as hell didn't want to be alone in here.
She heard the obnoxious giggling again and then the door slammed. They couldn't possibly have left her.


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