Millions spent on public health are inflationary. This is why we should kill people when they're born. That's right. When a baby is born, you flip a coin. If it comes up heads, kill it. That's what they do in China, only they don't flip a coin. They say if the baby has a vagina, kill it.

And this is a little creepy for a six minute story, isn't it? I got the first line by opening a Kurt Vonnegut book to a random page and writing down the first line I saw. Everything flows from there.

The word flow is neat. It sounds like it should be a two syllable word. But it isn't. It is just one.

I think it would be neat if all the girl babies that were killed in China came back from the dead. They were like dead zombie babies and they could run as fast as coyotes and they would eat pro choicers. That would be an awesome horror movie. I'd produce it. The Huffington Post would hate it. So would the Toronto Star. Ann Coulter wouldn't.

Yeah. Zombie babies. That's what I'd call it. No, sounds too B-movieish and this should be something with SOCIAL COMMENTARY. A more important title is needed. Hmm, let's see. LADIES DAY! No. That sucks. How about XX? That would be cool. The XX denotes the two X chromosomes in a woman's cell. Yeah. Cool. One more X and it would be a crappy spy movie starring Vin Diesel. One less X and it would be a Spike Lee joint starring Denzel.

My movie will be called XX and you'll see it between X and XXX in the video store. Rent it. I have a cameo in it. So does Woody Allen.


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