They were trapped for seven days.

And all he could think about was how stupid and incompetent everyone was. Oh, he could get them out if he wanted to. He'd figured out how in the first 10 minutes the lights went out, the tracks stopped moving, and the world stopped spinning.
But he figured he'd rest down here, in this quiet place where people were sobbing their regrets, anger, pity, sorrow, prayers to each other. Lamenting their pathetic lives as they neared their starved deaths. He could smell the piss by the corner where they'd all mutually agreed to designate the bathroom.
Who was going to start eating, he wondered?
He hoped he'd be the first to go.

Poor fools.

Didn't anyone wonder how they were breathing, trapped in this container? Follow the air. That's your way out, my fellow citizens.

But that knowledge isn't for you to know.


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They were trapped for seven days.
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