The cord wrapped around the foundation of the building and led into the hedges separating the two parcels of land. Thick as a forearm and coal-black, it seemed oddly out of place way out here in the Yukon. He follows it through the hedging, sacrificing the soft underskin of his forearm to the barbs and branches which leave a series of shallow scratches, which soon seep small droplets of bright-red oxygenated blood.

It is overgrown past the shrubbery, with wild grasses and weed growing archlike over the alien wiring. He concludes it must have been here for some time, though with it's thick casing there is no way to check for rusting or other signs of age, only to follow it to its source.

Five seconds and no conclusion. So is life.


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El Wordy Baron over 11 years ago

And a fucking punctuation error. Perfect.

Galen over 11 years ago

Yup. Stumbled on it. The longest side of the right triangle.

El Wordy Baron (joined about 12 years ago)

We, Byron; A Lord = ?

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