Time is right in front of me a constant reminder of where and when I need to go,go,go. Time tells me how to be according to my calendar.

We stopped along the path and he leaned back into the tree as if it were a place to rest. He deemed it so and there I took a photograph. We were late and time wasn't on our side so we were going to thank time and hold it tight against ourselves. We would rock it to sleep so that we could be free to enjoy the path. At the end of the hike we had a choice of which way to go. He wanted left and me right. It didn't matter we decided. Either way would take us to the same place


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Galen over 11 years ago

I love the image of holding time against yourself, rocking it to sleep so it won't harass you.

SarahMcCarthyMackay (joined over 11 years ago)

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