I'd paid for the whole night, thinking that I might as well go for the whole enchilada.

Half an hour would have been $80-plus, the "plus" being a sliding scale based on what I wanted to do in the half-hour. An hour would have been $200-plus. She said the full hour cost more than two half-hours because the clients usually wanted to be more exotic if they have a whole hour to work with.

I paid $2000-plus for her to stay with me the whole night. All the hours she'd do nothing but sleep with me, she could have been out making more money with someone else, so I didn't get any break on the all-night deal.

The whole thing was, I just wanted to sleep. I've been so lonely, that I just wanted to be with someone, and wake up next to someone.

But I couldn't sleep with her next to me. I didn't know her, and that made me afraid.

And lonely.


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RebeccaEmin almost 13 years ago

This is so sad :o(
Well written Tony. As always!

TonyNoland (joined over 13 years ago)
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I couldn't sleep with her next to me.
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