It was a brave day for navy blues men. And a sad day for pirate kind. The navy blues men had defeated the pirates at their own game, the blues. The pirates were especially bluesy that day, having been attacked by navy blues men. But the navy blues men were bluesier, there was no question about it.
"Ohhhh, we gots the blues," the navy blues man named Salut sang. "We gots more blues than yooooou!" It was stated; it was true. The pirates felt the sting of defeat. Ironically, they felt bluesier now than they had before. But it was too late. The blues contest was done. Done done done.
The navy blues men hoist their flag, a red bar below a white bar with a white star in a blue box. This flag was the bluesiest flag ever. It symbolized how the white bars keep the red bars down, and that they were the star of the blues. (That was the white star in the blue box part.) To rub it in, they left the pirate flag, the Jolly Roger, up as well, but lower.
"This is why we never win," the Pirate Redbeard said. "Our flag is too jolly. Too, too jolly." He began to cry jolly tears. "Stop


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A writer, reader, swashbuckler, former counter-spy, soda jerk, space cowboy, and honorary Professor of Not-Quite-Mad-But-Pretty-Unusual Sciences at the University of Genial Monsters (Go Smilin' Sasquatch!), Mark J. Hansen has secretly saved the universe numerous times, with more close calls than he cares to admit. He enjoys fast trips through time and space, arm-wrestling rainbows, eccentric headwear and kittens with British accents. When he is not sharing his Stories of the Amazing and the Amazingly Well-Written, he mostly hangs out in his hot-air balloon overlooking Skull Island with a root beer float and a parrot on each shoulder, practicing hypnotism and innovative shoe-tying techniques.

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