"Hoist the Jolly Roger, wouldn't you, old chap?"

"Righto, Cap'n," said Lieutenant Chapman. "I say, what shall we do with these old colors?"

"Tear them up, burn them, whatever."

"Cap'n, phone for you, sir," said a young deckhand.

"Ah, thank you, there's a good lad," the Captain took the phone with easy sangfroid. He listened to it for a moment before saying, "that's right, old chap, we're defecting."

"Lost my mind? Bloody well found it, sir. No pay and no shore leave? It's enough to make pirates of anyone, if I do say so meself!"

The ship began to drift away from the pier, and Lieutenant Chapman threw the raggedy banner of their former nation back onto its shore. "Stiff upper lip, eh?" the Captain said incredulously. "I'll tell you where you can bloody well shove THAT." and he unceremoniously hung up.

"Chapman! Break out the rum!"

"Aye, aye, Cap'n," was the reply.


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