To the President of the United States,
Please do not pass this law. There are many people who depend on life support for long periods of time and then come back to resume normal lives. If you allow family members to 'pull the plug' if they cannot afford the medical treatment, many people of little means will die. I know this because I am a paraplegic. When I lost my legs, I spent some time on the very machines in question. My family couldn't afford the treatment, and paid bills for years to make it right. I am now a productive, VOTING, member of society. Please consider the opinions of many of your constituents who cannot speak for themselves at this time.


Homer Brown

From the office of the President of the United States,
Dear Sir or Madam:
Although we understand your motivations, you must realize our nation is in severe national debt. We cannot continue to finance the medical bills of those who choose to take treatment they cannot afford. Many of our public hospitals will be closing, private facilities that only take the best insurance will rise in their place. There is nothing we can do about this tenuous situation. Unfortunately, in this economy, it is the way it is.

The Office of the President of The United States


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