"I'm sorry," said the President of the National Leg Prosthetics Company. "But there's nothing I can do to help you."

"But you're the President," said David plaintively, looking up at the tall man from his wheelchair.

"Yes, but I've got a tee time in almost two hours," the man said dismissively. "I'm afraid you're on your own."

"Don't you understand?!" shouted David. "A life is at stake! One of your own employees!"

The President sighed. "Look, if it'll get you to leave ..." he sat down again.

"This is standard operating procedure for the NLPC," he explained. "We encourage all kinds of self-destructive behavior; dare-devil stunts, suicide, assassination. We invest a lot of money in causing violent crime in this country. If we didn't, well, we'd never sell another prosthesis! Now, go home, silly man, or else buy something. I'm off."


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conspiracy prosthetics


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hero Paraplegic
villain President
goal Save a life
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