NEWS FLASH: INDUSTRIAL TRAIN CRASHES JUST FEET FROM THE FINISH LINE! What is to be one of the most significant milestones in American history has ended in tragedy. The goal? A race between a stage coach and an steam train in an effort by the train companies to represent the significance of steam and coal versus a 6-horse stage coach on the gravel road.

Thankfully- no one was terribly injured, and though the train derailed, it had done so only a few hundred yards form the finish line. With the stage coach trailing behind by more than 3 miles. Though the indecent ended poorly for the Rail companies, it was proven that trains are indeed the future of transportation of America.

In the end the conductor only had this to say: "We were actually behind schedule, and i didn't want to make the passengers late to their destination, so I went as fast as I could." The passengers would later thank him for his consideration.


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Galen almost 12 years ago

Hah! Great take. I like how you brought invisible elements (the stagecoach) into the story.

JamieLauraChilds almost 12 years ago

Nice last line!

BobbyRebbel (joined almost 12 years ago)

Not one for Bio's, shall we just get straight to the fun?

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