Spinning. The whole world was spinning.

And not the good kind either. The ground was pitching backward under my feet, making the sky wobble on its axis and vault over me as I hit my knees.

It was so hot... This's heat stroke?

The black asphalt, hotter still than the sun itself, scraped my skin as I went down, the color brightening and blurring across my vision into one massive kaleidescope of obnoxious rainbows, melting together. The sound buzzed unintelligibly in my ears, somehow feeling cold.

"Get out of the way! Move it!" I could vaguely hear the sound of a man's voice, fuzzy around the edges, but commanding. I couldn't think straight. Was he coming this way? Please, tell me he was coming this way!

Next thing I knew, I was being scooped up into someone's arms, too unsteady, trembling too badly, to stand on my own. There were calls of 'get her some water, get her to the med tent', but none of this made any real sense to me. The only thing I knew was that, one way or another, I was about to get out of this heat.

And, to be honest, that was really all I needed to know. I abandoned myself to the fall.


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Frumiousdan over 12 years ago

Wow. A massive kaleidoscope of obnoxious rainbows! Fantastic.

Galen over 12 years ago

Well written!

Rogue Krystal over 12 years ago

Thanks! This's actually a completely true experience. I was at the first Crue Fest at the Nissan Center, it was so hot, well, this happened.

Rogue Krystal (joined over 12 years ago)

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