Atop a ferris wheel the poor anxious squirrel found himself above the world far far away from the comfort of his tree and pile of nuts. As the wheel spun behind him, Mr. Squirrel ran ahead trying to keep up as he felt with every turn he would fall. As he lost ground he noted ascending higher and farther away from the ground. 'A telephone pole... a cable... a branch?' he thought could perhaps bring him to safety. When suddenly a gush of wind caused his tiny claws to slip across the rusty painted metal and he slipped. Falling, falling, and in less time than expected landing on a... wood plank? Yes, a wood plank inside a chair of the giant ferris wheel. Nervously, having come so close to death, he looked around. Sizing up his safety, noting all his part intact, and giving himself a quick cleaning, Mr. Squirrel's relief became horror when he discovered the tiny pink shoes of a cotton candied mouthed toddler. She had just discovered the captive next to her, his sleek fur.


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fear adventure


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