, Nevada. The most nondescript town imaginable. Even the dust had dust. The air was dry, and it was hardly ever cloudy.

A convenience store with a broken sign in this dull town would prove to be the battleground. Mr. Block arrived first, slowly perusing the landscape, planning ahead, preparing for the confrontation. Satisfied, he entered the store to buy a candy bar.

Mr. Arc came next. He'd been following Block his whole life, in a chase that had ruined countless others, never gaining ground, never getting closer. Until today.

Sparks flew from his hands as he increased the voltage running through his cyborg body, higher and higher, approaching the absolute limit. He didn't care. He'd been built for this, built to take punishment. It was his purpose.

Block saw him coming, and unleashed hell. Racks of chewing gum and popcorn were incinerated as electric fire met raw telekinetic force. The titans grappled with unseen forces, then were blasted apart.

The clerk, cowering under what remained of the counter, hastily dialed 9-1-1.


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Galen almost 10 years ago

Trouble makers.

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