I am a visitor. That is the only rule that this thing between us has. That I am just visiting in your life. The briefest glance into a world of possibility. The portal to an alternate universe where lightsabers and superheroes exist is opened up for us in the single moment which we let ourselves have.

You have a girlfriend. I have a complication. But in those stolen moments, kisses, touches, dances, laughs, looks, jokes... each precious second taken from reality and given to us is the only victory that I am ever going to need. Because it is in between those heartbeats where I feel alive. Where I remember that there is light and goodness, hope and freedom.

The joy that hangs over us dispels the ties that bind and leaves us with such clarity. A feeling that clings to us like the smell of the bar from that night.

There are no negotiations needed, we both felt it. I wasn't drunk, you weren't stupid. We met, we talked, we danced, we kissed, we just are.

Even if it will only ever be for the briefest moments in our long lives, they will be the seconds that count.

The day after tomorrow, it will all be over, I will be gone, because I was just a visitor.

But my gosh will the memories stay long after the hangover has faded.


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Galen about 11 years ago

I really like how you integrate the prompt at the end. Like when you begin you see the end clearly and confidently proceed there. Bravo.

Tommy-Louise (joined about 11 years ago)
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The loud chick in the corner.

With the big eyes.

And the notebook in her bag.

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The day after tomorrow, this will all be over.
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