So close, yet so far. Matey the Pirate never understood the phrase until these last few days of his life. The woodpecker would get closer and closer to the nub that was left of his leg, chipping away at the wooden peg that was left. He had to make it to shore. The ship was not going to last. The gapping hole in the bottom was filling the ship with too much water. This all meant that Matey would have to float to shore. Alone, he had not enough buoyancy to make it. In such a situation he though could rely on his wooden leg.
But the woodpecker that his enemy released would be his downfall.
The rest of his crew were dead from the furious battle a few hours earlier, what was he to do? PECK PECK PECK. BEAT BEAT BEAT. His heart was beating as quickly as the pecks. He tried to wave it away but it would just fly back. He jumped into the water to attempt to escape the fowl, but the bird would follow him to the ends of the Earth. He could see shore. He was sinking.

Farther and farther down. With his last grasp he grabbed the dang bird and strangled it to death. But he could no longer make it to shore, he was too far down now. Matey shall be remembered forever. ARGGGGGGGGGGGG


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Prompt (write a story including these elements)

hero Pirate with a Wooden Leg
villain Woodpecker
goal Float to Shore


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