Beep, Beep, Beep
It's Monday morning, ignore the cell phone alarm.
Two minutes later the radio comes on.
Commericals, dammit, I need to change the time it comes on every morning to avoid them.
Five minutes later they will play the daily question game.
Shower time. Eat a bowl of cereal.
White Tee, button down, khaki pants, black belt, matching shoes.
Key in the door, no, forgot my name badge.
Lock the door, start my walk to work.
Scan to get in the door, walk up 3 flights of stairs.
Turn on laptop, think about saying Hi to coworker, decide against it.
Check e-mail, go through list of things to do.
Wait until 9am to listen to podcast of morning radio show.
Engineer until 11:20am, walk home to eat lunch.
Watch sportscenter, Brett Farve is still playing.
Go back to work, play flash game until food digests.
Check e-mail, engineer until 2pm.
Get coffee, afternoon coffee is better than morning brew.
Engineer until 4:30pm.
Turn off computer, walk home.
Open door, turn on computer.
Surf web until 9pm.
Watch Monday Night Football.
Wash Repeat


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kirkis (joined over 11 years ago)

Kirk G. I am an electrical engineering which implies that I am a horrible writer and awful with words. These stereotypes are true. I am going to attempt to write everyday for 30 or so days to improve my skills.
Short Bio: I am 23 years old, I go to Mich St, currently I am on an internship in Texas until Dec.
Edit: I have been slacking on writing a story everyday for 30 days... I'm going to try harder.

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