There's somebody standing in the corner of my room.

Honestly, it's quite off-putting. He's just standing there... staring. Always. I tried staring back to try and get him to push off. But it backfired horribly. He smiled at me. Not just any smile, either. He made it the worst smile ever. His face was just the wrong set for a smile.

In fact, everything was wrong about him. His head was oddly shaped, like a rock bashed against a wall. His arms were thin and spindly, threatening to snap off in the gentle breeze of my fan. His chest was almost twice as wide as his midriff.

Oh god, why is he here?

The nice man in the suit walks in with a clipboard.

"He's still staring. He just won't stop." A tear rolled down my cheek.
"Right, I'm sure he has a good reason for doing so." He doesn't believe me. No one ever has. That man has been in my room forever.

Even if I moved. He just followed.

I looked away. When I looked back, the man in the suit was gone. Just white, and the man standing in the corner.


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DefinitelyTaran almost 9 years ago

Great description of the man. I can imagine how creepy that would be.

bespectakate almost 9 years ago

Oooh, that's nicely creepy. Very nicely creepy. I take my hat off to you (and then obviously fade into the background, making you wonder if I was ever there)

TimSevenhuysen almost 9 years ago

Nicely insane.

James Vernon (joined almost 9 years ago)
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Unfortunately, like the majority of the internet, he isn't good at any of these either. However, he considers himself pretty good at writing.

And also at consistently using the third person. And also at thinking up terrible nicknames for himself.
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There's somebody standing in the corner of my room.
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